Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dogleg Bar, Profile Example 2

Made with Global Mapper. Same conditions apply as previous. Note that I do know how to correct the no-data areas in the LiDAR with ArcGIS...learned at the Users Conference in San Diego last week. Just have not yet had a chance to apply the correction.

Once the missing data are smoothed/averaged, it will be easier to draw a profile. The final one should also be smoothed with a moving average function to eliminate the effect of bushes, etc.

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Dogleg Bar, Profile Example 1

This was made with Global Mapper. Couldn't block out the no-data areas, but will use hillshade from prior post. It was made in Arc.

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Dogleg Figure example 1

This is a straightfoward shaded relief image of the Dogleg Bar area using the 1-m LiDAR DEM.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Draft cross section example using LiDAR

From near Bogus point across the kipuka, etc. Shockingly simple to extract in GlobalMaper or ArcGIS. Smoothed in Grapher. Mocked-up in Illustrator. Will work on another that brings in other members of the family.