Sunday, January 6, 2008

Any Yeehows know about these slides?

Surely you read the blog over the Holidays and are busily typing up your GPS coordinates that I asked for, right? In the meantime, take a break from typing and check out the map above and the related photo in the previous post. These are some killer landslides off of Black Mesa in north central New Mexico (I flew over them and from Okla-coma). Is anyone aware of these being described in the literature? I have not looked yet. Certainly an interesting contrast to the Owyhee given the very different valley bottom morphology. However, as you go upstream the scene begins to look more familiar as you may discern below.

Here is a link to a recent map that covers a lot of landslid terrain near Los Alamos. It has a detailed approach to mapping coherent units within landslides.


  1. Did you look at Reneau and Detheir's papers on landslide dams on the Rio Grande in New Mexico? I'm far too busy adding value to a deliverable right now to properly look up the reference and confirm that these are the same landslides, but I think the papers were from 1994 and 1996 and described pretty much exactly the sorts of things we've been finding around landslide dams in Oregon.

  2. Dr. Cookie (?!) is correct. I suppose this was even cited in our proposal, but I have forgotten that. The abstract is highly relevant and I will get the paper tomorrow. As a consequence, I am developing a paper- trail of related refs that i will share with the group later this week. out there?


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