Monday, July 28, 2008

Reference related to the "Shockingly Voluminous" Rim Gravel

Hi Folks:

Here is a reference from my thesis that a very nice man (who once offered me a job in mineral exploration) turned me on to:
Rytuba, James J., and Vander Meulen, Dean B., 1991, Hot-Spring Precious
Metal Systems in the Lake Owyhee Volcanic Field, Oregon-Idaho;
in Raines, G.L., et al., 1991, Geology and Ore Deposits of the Great Basin,
Symposium Proceedings, USGS and Geological Society Nevada, Reno, Nevada,
Volume II, pp. 1085-1096.
If I remember correctly, I think it is pretty relevant to the dreadfully voluminous rim gravel and provides some corroboration of some of the things Dr. Jerque and others are finding in the field. Dr. Jerque may have a copy and I can scan you a copy sometime if you can't find it.

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  1. Spud...thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot about this. Also, thanks for participating in the blog!


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