Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SHRIMP in the Owyhee?? Fire up the barbee mate!

Dear Dr. Froude et al.:

I concur with Dr. Jerque. He refers to a plethora of field evidence that adds detail to the story presented in Ninad's work. I'd like to add that you may want to check out a paper from the Idaho State crowd of Beranek, Link, and Fanning (see below). This paper came out some time back and offers a few possible numbers for ages of big picture events in the region. If I recall correctly, the most Owyhee-relevant discussion items are based on only a few data points compared to other drainages studied and could be strengthened by additional analyses. Nontheless, it is pretty darn interesting to this spud farmer trapped in the concrete jungle.


P.S. Dr. Jerque: I think we are on the same page about the Rytuba and Vander Meulen work. I did overstate its relevance in reference to the Now Voluminous (Once Dreaded) Rim Gravels but refer to it merely in the context that it provides evidence of a long-occurring interaction between volcanism, the fluvial system, and expansive sedimentation in the region. I wonder if it is even relevant to the latest question because "The inital influx of major fluvial systems into the volcanic field after about 14.5 Ma is reflected...."(see abstract)?

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