Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An amazing day in the field...

Today, I had the opportunity to fly over our field area in a spiffy little experimental aircraft with my UNR colleague, Greg Arehart. Greg built the plane and is an accomplished pilot. It was an excellent time. From Reno, it takes less than two hours to reach the Owyhee in his plane. Once there, we followed an improvised flight plan driven largely by my whims and Greg's skills at maneuvering an aircraft. The map below shows the path:

It was mind-bending to be able to see the field area from this vantage. I took around 200 photos from the cockpit. Below is a very nice example. Note that it was a beautiful day to be in the field.

Best of all is the underwing camera that Greg installed on the plane. It is controlled by a laptop computer in the cockpit and takes absolutely amazing vertical air photos with overlap adequate for stereo viewing. The image below should suffice to prove that. I took 190 of these photos.

All of the photos will be posted or otherwise made available soon!

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