Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Draft version: Major volcanic vents in the Owyhee field area (east sector)

Here is a map for the research group to review. This includes several sites mentioned in the paleomag update recently posted on Yeehow Central. Review it for naming conventions, placement, etc. Note also the addition of Danner informal name for a likely vent associated with a youngish flow. Previously the lava related to that vent was grouped with that from Rocky/Lava Butte, but this was not feasible as it required a lot of lava to flow a long way uphill. The boundary between the two is not shown on this map, but I am working on it (Note: N. Bondre identified this vent as SH, but I have forgotten why...looking into that too). Now I know: Skinner Hill.

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  1. Dr. Jerque,
    I am interpreting your suggestion to "Review it [the map] for naming conventions, placement, etc." to be an invitation to offer suggestions. I noticed several things. I think the Greeley vent location is closer to and SW of hill 4737 than you are currently showing, perhaps near the spot elev 4621. There are some petrologic differences that can guide us there that Duane and I can review. Also, as we briefly acknowledged at our meeting in San Jose, there may be additional vents on top of Bogus Bench located to the SW of those currently shown. These additional vents may produce flows that spill over the western rim of the Bogus Bench and flow westward and south, contributing to the voluminous BR flows coming around the corner from the NE. I think we should add these to the map. Regarding the SH: I will have to pull out my maps to better understand your Skinner Hill/Danner Butte quandary.

    As we sometimes say, This Spud's for you. Or, Western Regards to you.


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