Thursday, November 8, 2007

Geodatabase Point Data

Stations (site specific data)

[kind] O = generic observation

[kind] A = age

[kind] G = graphic data

[kind] R = sample sites

[kind] Y = analytical

Age categories (prefix 1)

a = Argon-Argon

r = radiocarbon

t = tephrochronologic

c = cosmogenic
Graphic data categories

p = photograph

s = sketch
Sample site categories

r = rock

s = sediment

t = tephra

Analytical categories

f = fluvial transport direction

g = fluvial gravel lag

This is the structure of point data that we have built into the geodatabase. It covers all of the ground that I could recall for this project. Please look it over and let me know if you see a problem or an omission. *Note that the category for 'generic observation' very often includes a photograph or a graphic (sketch). This may be parsed too finely. That being said, I just noticed that I need to include a code for osl sample (Ao).

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