Thursday, November 29, 2007

Supplemental grant proposal to get LiDAR

Gang -- I'm going to follow up w/Mike Ellis on what exactly he'd like to see in a supplemental grant proposal to get LiDAR for our study reach on the Owyhee. I'd like to be armed w/a clear sense of what we want LiDAR for and w/information about the size, shape, and therefore approximate cost of the data. We have discussed the former a bit -- e.g., when Kyle was visiting Portland a couple of weeks ago -- but I'd like to solicit broader input on this matter, as the justification will be crucial. I think we need to show that LiDAR will give us essential data that we can't reasonably get any other way. As for the size of the area we want flown, I'd like to hear what you folks think. I don't know what the limitations are in terms of shape (how complex can the corridor polygon be?), but we'll probably have to do some iterating on the polygon we're going to request. My intuition is that requests larger than about $60k might raise some alarm, so we need to be judicious. Does anyone else have a sense of what constitutes a reasonable request for a grant supplement? I also asked Josh Roering (who is on the NCALM committee) when Rose will hear about the student seed project she proposed. Please post your thoughts on LiDAR justification and desired coverage here.

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