Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Possible LiDAR coverage request

I have taken a stab at plotting a LiDAR coverage pattern that could form the basis for grant supplement request. It's obviously tricky trying to keep the footprint shape both as simple and as small as possible while capturing the irregular pattern of the river corridor. I'm not sure we can even request a pattern as complicated as the one I've outlined here. These four polygons sum to ~208 km2 or ~51,500 acres (for some odd reason, NCALM seems to like using acres as its unit of area), which is within the range of the other NCALM requests I've seen (see, e.g., slide #26 in http://www.cuahsi.org/cyberseminars/NCALM-20050202.pdf ). Assuming a cost of about $0.75/acre, which is unreliable but is the only price info I've been able to find (see slide #24 in the .pdf above), our request would be for about $37,000. If Rose's request for 40 km2 or ~10,000 acres is funded, we can reduce the grant supplement request by about $7500. I don't know if this sum is considered reasonable for a grant supplement, but I will approach Mike Ellis at AGU and ask him. Any comments on the size/shape of this pattern?


  1. These polys look great to me. At a minimum we want the Artillery-Lambert Rocks reach and landslide complex and the North Hole in the Ground complex.

  2. I'm ready to help with the justification. I guess we just wait for work on Rose's app...


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