Friday, December 7, 2007

Tofu much nicer (but still Tofu)

Made some decent strides on the map in THIG today. Check it out. Pretty much the most complex area I have mapped in a while. Thankfully, I don't have to parse out the bedrock.


  1. Kyle,

    Awesome job! Very complicated.
    1. What is tofu?
    2. Can you turn on the labels in the newer version of the map and post your updated diagram of units?
    3. You think the western earthflow extended across the river at some point, yes?

  2. 1. Totally and obscuringly 'fouled' up. A combined tribute to fubar and to several tofu-laced meals I made in the field this last season.
    2. I am working on this right now. Will post a new one soon. The unit diagram is in major flux and will take some time...maybe tomorrow. Hope that is not too late.
    3. Looks very much like it did. I am going to add some flow direction indicators to these polys where it is important to show this. My interp is that the evidence for this is the area of the Qls poly to the west of the tight bend as well as the Qls with gravel pods in the embayment east of the bend where the yellow Qfy deposit is extensive.

  3. Oh, no worries -- I'm not waiting on your mapping for anything. Just figured the units would help me understand your interpretation.


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