Friday, March 28, 2008

Caving in on the Owyhee...A public service announcment

This conveniently dated photo of Lisa logging strat pits in the dark is telling for several reasons. Firstly, it notes the date of the first Owyhee adventure...back when we were focused on the boring floods of the Holocene; secondly, it represents the last year that I used a conventional camera. Very recently, I noted that I was completely ignoring my geologic slide collection. So, instead of picking some choice slides and scanning them myself, I sent 996 slides to a company in Arizona that scanned them all at 2000 dpi, burned them as tifs and jpgs to DVDs, archived them, and mailed them back in less than 3 weeks for only $550. It would have taken me weeks of my own time to do the same. Check it out:

Accept the fact that you also need to cave in and send your slides to a similar place so that you can actually view them, organize them, remember them, etc. Your slides are just getting older and older. One day they will mean very little to you. Digitize them now. You will be very happy with the results.
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