Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yeehoogle Earth

While procrastinating on some very important things today, I taught myself how to make an attractive and viable Google Earth layer that highlights geology. I started doing it to accompany a map and related text in southern Nevada, and then remembered that I claimed that I would produce this type of thing (with help!) for the Owyhee project.

I did this with a lot of help from Google who have recently created a spreadsheet template (using Google Docs) that makes this a pretty painless process. I thought it would be hard until I watched a 5-minute tutorial.

I can't post a file on Blogger, so I will be sending each of you a kmz file for the Owyhee project and a slighly more realized one from the lower Colorado River. If you keep one or both of them in Google Earth (i.e. not in the Temporary Places folder) they will automatically update. If you are truly adventurous, I will share the spreadsheet with you so that you can add things (that means you, Liz...).

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