Thursday, October 1, 2009

State of the Owyhee Map: 10/01/09

These images each depict a part of the Owyhee River map area at 1:50000. The various fluvial units are generalized somewhat because it is too hard to resolve them at this scale. I began working on the map in earnest back in August 2007 and it has come an extremely long way since then. A preliminary version was already complete by the time we got the LiDAR data in March of 2008. Since then, I have probably put more time in on revising the map in light of (pun, get it?) of the LiDAR data. I do not even want to tally the 100s of hours I have spent in the field and in the office working on this thing.

What is left:

1. I need to do a full pass through the entire map and fix the topology and the line attribution and final fine-tuning. I have already started this in the Hole in the Ground area.
2. Unit descriptions need to be written up using Cooper's thesis as a base. This part will require input from all principal members of the research team
3. Accompanying text to the map. This will be a detailed accounting of the geologic history implied / required by the geologic map.
4. Send the whole package out for review. Likely, we will do this through DOGAMI who have agreed to publish the map if we can cover most / all of the costs.

Now, back to the lower Walker River map due in 15 days.

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