Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Geologic Compilation Celebration

Today, I finally began to georectify O'Connor's field maps to cross-check against and augment my mapping. Using GlobalMapper this process takes only about 1 minute per map. Love that program. As expected, Jim's mapping is good. Take a bow. Our overlapping mapping only differs by refinement owing to more overland work and hi-res imagery. Of course, the man found some things I missed under both of those circumstances. Don't worry Cooper, your mapping is next. Will pay attention to your paleochannels on West Crater, relax.

While compiling Jim's compilations, I noticed a couple of intracanyon flow remnants in the gorge that I had forgotten about. They are labeled as Lambert (West Crater) but are most likely Clark's Butte given their elevation. I believe that the northernmost one is in the Tertiary section...but am not sure.

Any clarification / confirmation / elevation/ consternation that any Yeehow may have about these blobs would be appreciated. Photos would be super neato.

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