Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paleoclimate of northern Great Basin and Owyhee area

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Two years ago I asked Peter Wigand for some direction in
searching for papers that might help us understand the
paleoclimate (and therefore perhaps river discharge and
stream power) of the Owyhee River basin. He replied to
me but I never was able to track down all the papers he
suggested. I am providing his suggestions here in the
hopes that we can improve our understanding of what the
Owyhee River might have looked like during the existence
of the lava dams. He said to start with the first one
which had an extensive bibliography that would
lead to some of the others.

Wigand, P. E. and D. Rhode. 2002. Great Basin
Vegetation History and Aquatic Systems: The Last
150,000 years. Pp. 309-367. In Hershler, R., D. B.
Madsen and D. R. Currey (eds.), Great Basin Aquatic
Systems History. Smithsonian Contributions to Earth
Sciences 33. Smithsonian Institution Press,
Washington, D.C.

Mladen Zic, Robert M. Negrini, Peter E. Wigand. 2002.
Evidence of synchronous climate change across the
northern hemisphere between the north Atlantic and the
northwestern Great Basin, USA. Geology 30(7):635-638.

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geochemistry. Journal of Paleolimnology 24

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A. P. Roberts, A. S. Cohen, P. E. Wigand, and Franklin
F. Foit, Jr. 2000. A paleoclimate record for the past
250,000 years from Summer Lake, Oregon, U.S.A.: I.
Chronology and magnetic proxies for lake level.
Journal of Paleolimnology 24 (2):125-149.

Mehringer, P.J., Jr. and P.E. Wigand. 1990. Comparison
of Late Holocene environments from woodrat middens and
pollen, Diamond Craters, Oregon. In Martin, P.S., J.
Betancourt and T.R. Van Devender (eds.), Fossil
Packrat Middens: The Last 40,000 Years of Biotic
Change. University of Arizona Press.

Wigand, P.E. 1987. Diamond Pond, Harney County,
Oregon: Vegetation history and water table in the
eastern Oregon desert. Great Basin Naturalist 47

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