Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ouch. I missed these... comment by Lisa

Lisa e-mailed a nice comment that I have placed on the blog for the record. I agree with her points. Something appears to be wrong with the commenting function in blogger...not with Lisa.

I recently re-read Howard et al.'s paper. The difference I see is that they stop short of going into detail about the impact of the lava dams on the geomorphic evolution of the canyon. Their paper provides a great basis of comparison for ours, but we can take ours much further with our more extensive dating, mapping and our possibly greater interest in the river canyon geomorphology. The Howard et al. paper was not that long, and mainly focused on the description of the lava flows and dams. We have more controls on incision rates through different lava flows at different times and places on the river, which I think will lead to interesting discussion.

I've sent away for a few more references to lava dams in the last couple of days. I'll circulate them when I get a chance to look them over. Quite a few on the Snake River, some in Canada, one in China.

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