Tuesday, November 4, 2008

West Crater flow (Qbw) in VR...old new insight

For the past few days, I have begun to compiling mapping using vr...the 3d visualization and digital mapping tool I mentioned last February--(http://yeehowcentral.blogspot.com/2008/02/virtual-reality-on-owyhee-almost.html). This has been very illuminating because it allows for me to zoom in to key areas in very clear 3D. Since I have already done so much flat-mapping (heads-up digitizing on NAIP images with stereopairs nearby) I have opted to focus on only key and slippery contacts or particularly complicated areas (i.e., the Hole in the Ground). I spent most of yesterday gawking at the Lambert Rocks, Bogus Point, and AM-PM areas.

In conjunction with recent field work (which was, in hindsight, inadequately thorough) I began to recall / notice that the low-relief area in the middle of Qbw is a likely depocenter for overflow related sedimentation by the Owyhee before it cut a canyon through the area. I traced rounded basalt gravel and sand through a sinuous tract across the lava flow toward that area but, alas, opted to head to my vehicle instead of trapsing (yet again) across the lava flow surface. It seems that all of my traverses on the flow have missed this key area. Anyone in the group happened to have been here?...Cooper?

Also, there are some fairly large gravel bars evident in parts of the Bogus Creek course near the large kipuka that are curious as well. Anyone been there?

Have also noticed that there are at least 3 conspicuous flow fronts of Qbw lobes in the Lambert area and am wondering if there is a more complex damming and overflow story there than it appears at first glance.

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