Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Owyhee Map for AGU...almost there

I have reached a point of no return on the map and have gotten close to a final draft for inclusion on AGU poster(s). In this version, a lot of the detail is left out:

no bedrock older than Bogus Rim flow
undivided landslides,
undivided mainstem fluvial deposits (active channel is divided),
undivided lacsutrine deposits.

Reasons: map is too complicated for showing everything and too many loose ends in some units (mainly generalized bedrock) to build polys.

The colors are chosen to highlight the various features and are obviously not conventional geologic map colors. Mainly, those conventions are a real annoyance when you map detailed surficial units anyway. The snippets in this post should give you a good idea of where things stand. I am leaving town tomorrow afternoon and cannot have this map hanging over my head...and I bet that spud is tired of waiting.

It will be pretty easy to create a basemap using these data as the 1:250,000 version indicates. I need some feedback on where to go from here.

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