Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yeehow GeoMap-a-thon Day 3-D

No map to post today, instead here is a shot of me totally geeked-out (electric glasses, mp3 player, Blackberry) working away on the map. The 3-D mapping is great, but it takes some serious time. Since it allows you to check the elevation of any point in the image, it allows for some checks of in situ vs. landslide strat...this has led to some significant reinterpretations of the suite of landslides off of Bogus Rim...lots to talk about. Lots more in situ rock there than appears at first, second, and third glance.


  1. Ah, you're inventing the definitive paleolandslide in-situ differentiation tool (PLISDT). I suggest you call it "House, 3.D."

    Are you lining up elevations of specific strata to determine in-situness?

  2. I will post an illustration of the issue tomorrow for all to contemplate. Thanks for commenting.


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