Friday, October 19, 2007

Clarks Butte Lava Candidates in Dogleg Area

At the Bend get-together, Cooper and I noted that there may be some Clarks Butte lava (Qbc; was AM-PM) outcrops in the Bogus Point-Dogleg Bar area. One is the prominent tabular feature just off of Bogus Point. The other we noted that day was a degraded pressure ridge near Bogus Creek Ranch. After looking at the photos in detail, I have found a few other features that have morphologies inconsistent with the freshness of the Qbw. Some have planar morphology similar to the blob off of Bogus Point and appear to be girdled with Qbw. There are also some weird pothole like features on some of them. Not certain about the Qbc correlation, of course, but these are viable candidates and worth a look.

The image is a slightly stretched part of the county mosaic from the NAIP data.


  1. Kyle, quick question about the imagery -- did you grab the NAIP images for the Artillery and Hole in the Ground reaches from Jim in Bend? Shannon was looking for them.

  2. Yes. I posted the three relevant quarter quads to my ftp site and notified her.

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  4. It's not completely obvious to me that the circled Qbc is different from the surrounding flow, but the surface textures are spectacular - I'd like to see it! Also, this region is a lovely example of the river being pinned to one side of the canyon by the flows. Kyle - could you email me an unmarked-up copy of this photo? It would be a nice image for the GSA talk that Gordon and I are putting together!!!! Thanks.


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