Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Tiny Map Walks Amok

Today, I created a working base map using BigTopoPro. Above is a tiny snapshot of it. This may not be the final map, but it is what I will start with. Of course, I have no business mapping all of the old lavas in the eastern part, so that will be rather general and borrowed from other sources to some extent. Some of you (Cooper) will be sad to see that the rather narrow area to the west of the river omits large parts of the Saddle Butte flow. Remember, my goal is to map the river corridor within a buffer that shows enough of the surrounding area to frame the map and set the context. I will compile the final lines at a scale no larger than approximately 1:6000. Thus the final map will look good at 1:12,000 or 1:24,000. It is likely that a more irregular map area, possibly with a non-standard north reference will ultimately serve us best. I also foresee a smaller-scale map (1:100,000?) being developed that shows the main lava flows and their respective sources.

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