Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dissed by Google Earth

Despite my faithful, essentially blind, allegiance to all things Google, the folks over at GE uploaded new imagery for all of Oregon except...wait for it...OUR FIELD AREA. Yikes. Presumably this ironic prank will soon be resolved. The attached image pretty much sums it up. All new, high-resolution data except for Malheur County. Rest assured that my cynical side (its only a side?) fully expected this type of development. Imagine the outburst that bellowed through my house when I chanced upon this one.


  1. That is pretty darn hilarious! WOW, though -- the new imagery is INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Had Jim not showed up with the magic box in Bend, this development may have led a nervous breakdown for me!

  3. If it's any consolation, the coverage of the Lava Butte flow is also a bit funky (although the Cascade flows are spectacular!)


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