Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Hole in the Ground

Turns out that 'All Topo Maps' is pretty easy to use and can generate a nice shaded relief. On a recent map (NBMG Map 156; 30Mb) I experimented with a shaded relief base and it worked pretty well. As an aside, check that map out, but use the right-click, 'save target as' option and then open it up in Acrobat. This map was a real trial and has over 6300 polygons.

In the case of the Owyhee, I will try a similar base, but may tone it down from snippet above. To fully round out the cartographic product, the final colors of the map will be shown in the legend over a clip of shaded relief so that the tonality is not confusing. If you click on the image above (or any image on the blog for that matter) you will see a hi-res example.

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